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(New improved model with variable system and DC motor to work on 220 volt AC.) The apparatus consists of an evaporating flask rotated by non-sparking electric motor in heating water bath. The drive unit is clamped in V shaped heavy duty stand. The introduction tube permits continuous feed of the liquids into evaporating flask and also distillation under controlled atmosphere. The evaporating flask is pear shaped to give a large surface area for evaporation, clamped to a glass duct which goes through the drive unit and produced into the condenser is fitted with B-19 joint through which introduction tube is inserted. The condenser spherical join S-35 at the bottom of the condenser to receiver flasks cap, 1 litre of corning glass With ball point socket. Complete units is fitted on v shape heavy duty stand with quick jack action. Waterbath and vacuum pump at extra cost.

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