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This machine is used for mounting the metallographic and petrographic specimens in suitable plastic and bakelite medium so as to make them convenient for handling in the subsequent polishing operation as well as for edge retention. The unit has a robust construction and is activated by a hydraulic press of capacity 8 tons. The unit is provided with pressure gauge for observing the pressure while mounting (Maximum pressure is 6000 lbs .sq. inch) and a thermometer cavity for mercury thermometer to read the temperature of moulding.

Specimen mounting press has concentric heating and cooling arrangement ensuring fast turn out of samples. The processing time per sample is about 25 minutes. Heating is by means of electrical band heaters thermostatically controlled and cooling by finned cast aluminium cooler. The press is supplied with a 1" dia. Mould of alloy steel heat treated and internally ground 1.25" and 1.5" moulds are available as additional accessories at extra cost and the same heater and cooler serve all the above sizes of mould. The unit operates on 220 Volts AC. painted in hammartone finish and chrome plated.

General Description & Specification:

Spare Moulds of hardened alloy steel dia-1"

Spare Moulds of hardened alloy steel dia 1-1/4" or 1-1/2"

Spare Heater kit.

Complete Heater Assembly.

Spare Energy Regulator with timer

Hand Gloves made of Asbestos (per pair).

Optional Accessories:

Thermo-Setting Resin- Bakelite Powder, in 20 mesh approx./brown colour in polythene bag each containing 1 kg. indigenous make.

Thermo-Setting Resin-Bakelite Powder, coloured, in 20 to 30 mesh approx. in polythene bag each containing 1 kg. indigenous make.

Thermo Plastic Resin-Plastic indigenous make transparent/Coloured, in 1 kg packing.

Silicon Grease Indian make in 50 gms. Packing.

Carunba wax per kg.

Silicon spray Indian make 550ml.

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