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It will consist of metallic cone with half angle of 15 -30 ±15 and 30.50mm coned length. It will be fixed at the end of a metallic rod with a disc at the top of the rod so as to have a total sliding weight of 148± 0.5 gms. The total rod shall pass through two guides. (to ensure vertical movement) fixed to a stand. Suitable provision will be made for clamping the vertical rod at any desired height above the surface of the paste in the trough. A brass trough 50 mm internal diameter and 50 mm depth will be provided as per IS specification resting on M.S.bars.

General Description & Specification:

Ground Glass : 10mm thick and about 45 cm square or larger rough glass as per IS 2720 (Part V-1985) for mixing soil and water

Spatula : Flexible with blade about 8 cm long and 2 cm wide made from stainless steel material as per IS:2720 (part V-1985)

Evaporating dish : Made from porcelain material having diameter of about 12 to 15 cm with smooth surface as per IS 2720 (part V-1985)

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